Stackable Furniture for Cats Who Love Great Design

The breathtaking CATable 2.0 features wooden cubes with different nooks and crannies for cats to explore.

The design starts with 4 cubes. Add more cubes to create something amazing. Photos by: LYCS Architecture

Creativity was abundant in Italy earlier this year, as several new brainstorms were introduced during Milan Design Week.

LYCS Architecture, a Chinese design studio, unveiled its CATable 2.0. The furniture is ideal for cats’ play and exploration, while at the same time appealing to their designer-savvy humans.

Each set of 4 wooden cubes has different nooks and crannies. You can place sets together to easily transform them into a book shelf, side table, stool — or, basically, anything you desire.

While your cat has a path she can explore, you have extra storage space and a trendy-looking table.

Here are a few more photos:



Source: Design Boom

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