DIY: How to Spruce Up Your Pet’s Collar

Get your furry friend ready for any fancy occasion by sprucing up their collar.

Wiggly the model. Photos by Kirsten Peek/Petful

Collars. They are a safety necessity for many pets, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

You can add some pizzazz to your furry friend’s main accessory by following these easy steps.


  • Silk flowers
  • Sewing kit
  • Scissors
  • Pet collar


1. Select and prepare your materials.

My cats are completely indoor, so we use a collar only when moving or going to the veterinarian. This project was ideal for our situation, but opt for a removable version of this project if your pet wears a collar all the time.

The flower may be annoying to your pet, so either sew it onto a collar that will be worn only occasionally, or add the step of sewing snaps onto the flower and collar so that the flower is removable.

These are the supplies you’ll need.

2. Attach the flower to the collar.

Sew the flower onto the collar. Avoid the urge to just use a stapler or safety pin instead — you don’t want something sharp near your pet’s neck.

If sewing is a challenge for you, hot glue is a viable alternative, but make sure it dries and cools completely before having your pet try it on. Also understand that the flower may be easily ripped off if you use glue.

Here’s what it looks like sewed onto the collar.

3. Let your pet try it on.

Put the collar on your pet and see how they like it!

My Wiggly was not bothered by the addition of the flower, but pay attention to your pet’s reaction to the alteration. Added decorations may be irritating to some pets, and you should remove the decorations from the collar if so.

Wiggly wears a collar to the vet.

Note: Always supervise your pets when using homemade toys or clothing.

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