Smurf, the Kitten Who Was Dyed Purple, Is on the Mend

Support is rolling in for an abandoned and abused kitten who may have been used as a “chew toy” for a dog.

By: Nine Lives Foundation
Smurf is shown shortly after entering the shelter, about 1 week ago. Photos by: Nine Lives Foundation

Support is pouring in for the kitten named Smurf who was found last week dyed purple and likely used as a “chew toy” for dogs.

The 8-week-old kitten was dropped off at a shelter in San Jose, California, by a good Samaritan who found him in a cardboard box by the road. The kitten had around 20 puncture wounds on his body.

The shelter contacted the Nine Lives Foundation to take in the kitten. The no-kill shelter caters to injured and abused animals. Founder Dr. Monica Rudiger, DVM, says the kitten’s coloring appeared to be fabric dye.

“I can only imagine why someone would dye him purple,” Rudiger says. “I think there are people who find it amusing to take small, innocent animals and use them as play toys.”

The 1-pound, 10-ounce kitten was likely abused or used as a toy or bait animal for a dog, but the exact cause of the puncture wounds is unclear.

The frightened, injured kitten weighed less than 2 pounds.
The frightened, injured kitten weighed less than 2 pounds.

Smurf is being treated for his injuries with antibiotics, baths and fur shaving. He underwent surgery for his wounds and is recovering. “Smurf is expected to make a full recovery, though it may require many weeks of care,” the Nine Lives Foundation shared on its Facebook page.

Rudiger says the shelter has been flooded with emails and new visitors all wanting to see the “purple kitten.” As soon as his injuries are healed, he will be available for adoption.

A more recent photo shows that the purple dye is beginning to fade.
A more recent photo shows that the purple dye is beginning to fade.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, ABC

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