Cat’s Own Sicknesses Can’t Stop Him From Nursing Others to Health

Cody loves showering his affections on other animals in need.

Despite facing various health problems himself, a cat named Cody makes caring for other animals a priority in life.

Cody was rescued from the streets of a city in Spain about a year ago, when he was 6 months old.

Shortly after his arrival at the Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary, workers realized that this cat, although he was happily purring, had some major medical problems.

He was eventually diagnosed with a liver shunt, which keeps the liver from functioning properly, as well as an upper respiratory infection often associated with cats.

With treatments and a little TLC, Cody soon weathered his ailments. But soon, other health problems emerged — some so serious as to be deemed life-threatening. Yet the cat managed to conquer each storm that was tossed his way.

In the process of fighting for his life, he gained a new wealth of self-confidence — allowing him to be an anchor for other sick animals who cross his path. He has nurtured chickens, a goat, a lamb and numerous other cats, showering them with affection and comfort just when they need it most.

“To love and be loved” seems to be Cody’s main goal in life.

Source: The Dodo

Gayle Hickman

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