Shelter Dogs Recreate Iconic Fashion Magazine Covers

Some may think it’s silly to get a dog all dolled up — but if it lands them a forever home, who are we to complain?

Photos by: Popsuta Moda
Many of the canine models have been adopted since the project began. Photos by: Po Psu Ta Moda

Who says shelter dogs don’t have what it takes to be models?

A nonprofit organization in Poland called Po Psu Ta Moda initiated a novel campaign to boost adoptions of shelter pets.

Photos of a human model and a shelter dog, in identical attire, are placed side-by-side on the cover of popular high-fashion magazines. Seeing the animals in such a state of cuteness seems a sure-fire way to win hearts over.



“Many animals from the shelter are depicted as sad, deprived and poor,” says the organization. “We are breaking with the stereotype and in a non-standard way showing that they can become an object of desire like stars on magazine covers.”

So far, the project has been credited with landing homes for many of these pets.



Source: My Modern Met

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