New Japanese Craze: Shaving Dogs Into Cubes

What do you think — cute or dumb?

By: apiui/Imgur
What has 4 sides, 4 right angles, and barks like a dog? By: apiui/Imgur

Japan is well known for its love of turning simple items into eye-catching cubical forms. Now that fascination with all things cubed has gone to the dogs.

That’s right — people are having their pets’ fur trimmed and styled into various rectangular shapes worthy of Minecraft, the popular game designed entirely in cubes, or a Gumby character from way back in the day.

By: Imgur
Minecraft is creeping into the world of pets. By: apiui/Imgur

Although the new look was well received at a dog show in Tokyo, it probably won’t ever be a hit at Crufts or the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. But I have to admit, these dogs look kinda cute.

And I’ll bet they’re thinking, “Sometimes it’s hip to be square.”

Source: MTV

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