2 Chickens Wearing Dresses Are Leaving New Yorkers Dumbfounded

Outdoors at various events in the city — and on crowded subway trains — these glamorous pet chickens are causing a scene. What’s their story?

Just another day on the subway. Photo credit: Copyright Julianna Harrington for Pets Adviser.
Just another day on the New York City subway system — well, maybe not. By: Julianna Harrington.

“Now I’ve seen it all.”

How many New Yorkers have uttered those words? And then, later, we see something else that blows our mind.

Well, tonight my friend Julianna wrote those 5 words over a photo she posted on Facebook. Her photo, which she captured on an evening rush-hour E train, showed a chicken wearing a dress, chilling out in a pink stroller as commuters went about their daily business.

“The woman with the chicken pulled out a bag of peanuts and started feeding the chicken, and it was pretty hungry,” Julianna told me. “Otherwise it just sat there. It looked like it had a silky, pink vest and even pink underwear.”

She added that “despite what the photo looks like, everybody was laughing and taking pictures.”

So who the heck is this mystery spoiled-rotten bird?

Actually, there are 2 of them, as it turns out!

Beyonce, left, and Lady Gaga. Photo copyright Sharon Folkes, via Facebook.
Beyonce, left, and Lady Gaga. Photo copyright Sharon Folkes, via Facebook.

Beyonce and Lady Gaga

Sharon Folkes and her 2 birds — Beyonce, a brown hen, and Lady Gaga, a white silky chicken — have been creating a scene wherever they go around the city.

Earlier this month, they were a big hit at the Blessing of the Animals at St. John the Divine. Beyonce, Folkes proudly announced on her Facebook page, laid an egg inside the church.

Last month, the trio was spotted at the My Pet, My Team fashion show in Jackson Heights, Queens. A blogger with the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals (really? that’s a thing?) wrote that the pair of hens “may be the best-dressed chickens in New York City.” Without a doubt.

On Sunday, the animals were in Central Park for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer NYC Walk. The white hen had been dyed pink for breast cancer awareness, was of course wearing a cute little dress, and was seen sitting astride the stroller, which as it turns out is emblazoned with the word “DIVA” in big jewel-encrusted letters. Both hens had their nails painted.

NYC’s Most Popular Chickens

New Yorkers have been dumbfounded by this spectacle, to be sure. One person after another lines up constantly for a photo with this oddball crew everywhere it ventures.

Folkes, it should be noted, somewhat modestly calls herself simply “a pet chickens lover,” adding that “my girls live with me” in Brooklyn.

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