Behold, the World’s First Seeing Eye Cat!

The first-ever Seeing Eye cat has the same independent streak as most cats, but she has been trained to assist the vision-impaired.

The seeing eye cat in training. By:
The Seeing Eye cat awaits the “forward” command. (April Fool’s!)

What if I told you there’s a cat who has been specially trained to lead and assist the vision-impaired? Today, on April 1, The Seeing Eye, Inc. has announced just that.

The first-ever Seeing Eye cat is somewhat larger than the ordinary house cat, yet has the same independent nature and grooming instincts for which domestic felines are noted.

Michelle Burlak, spokeswoman for The Seeing Eye, confirmed that cat training proved to be a bit different from dog training. The training crew sustained a few minor injuries. But once they converted to using catnip as an incentive, training became much more productive.

Oh, and by the way… April Fool’s!

The Seeing Eye organization planned this clever April Fool’s Day promotion in hopes of bringing more viewers to its Facebook page. I’m pretty sure it worked.

Names for the cat, who is a female calico, can be submitted on Facebook. The name with the most likes will be a winner, as will the person who submitted it.

Source: My Central New Jersey

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