Sand Cats: Forever Young

Their resemblance to a domestic cat goes only so far. These wild cats from the desert seem to defy growing old.

Adult sand cat with kitten. By: imgur
Adult sand cat with kitten. By: imgur

If only humans could have this trait: Sand cats retain their youthful appearance, barely showing any signs of aging.

This curious wild cat breed lives in the deserts of Pakistan, Central Asia, Arabia and North Africa.

The downside to sand cats’ kittenish stroke of luck is that they are in danger of becoming extinct, thanks to hunters and illegal pet marketing.

By: tambako
Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. By: tambako

Overall, though, the cats are little troopers, surviving on the water from their food for a long time and adapting well to their desert habitat. Their large ears not only give them a more kittenish look, but also help them detect prey.


A number of rescue foundations have joined in the effort to save the ageless-looking cats.

Sources: Bored Panda, The Dodo

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