Cat Refuses to Leave Store — And It’s an Adorable Act of Defiance

No matter how many times he gets kicked out, Olly the cat keeps coming back to a Sainsbury’s market. Customers love him!

Olly doesn’t care what the health department says — he’s staying, and that’s that. By: Nigel Thornberry

Six-year-old Olly is — well, how should I put this? — stubborn. The feisty ginger tomcat won’t stay away from his favorite hangout, no matter how many times he gets thrown out.

Olly lives next door to a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Brockley, south London, and has adopted the store as his home away from home. His first visit was 2 months ago, and he has been back every day since.

Customers find him irresistible, with many taking a moment to give him a little rub. But because of health department rules, he should not be loitering inside. Security has removed him from the premises several times, but he refuses to stay away for long.

He seems to enjoy being photographed in various positions within the store — lying by the door, while enjoying the warmth of the heated fans, or perched atop a fridge or grocery shelf.

His grumpy-looking face just seems to make him all the more adorable.

Besides gaining some fame on the Internet, he has become somewhat of a local celebrity — and even received an “Animal of the Week” title from Time Out London.

Sources: The Dodo, Mirror

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