This Popular Landscaping Plant Is Deadly to Dogs and Cats

They may look stunning in your yard — and now we’re seeing them pop up as small potted houseplants — but they’re toxic to pets.

By: theequinest
If ingested, the Sago palm is extremely poisonous to animals — including humans. By: theequinest

The Sago palm, a well-known landscaping plant, may be beautiful to the eyes — but it can also be deadly to cats and dogs. The plant is especially becoming more popular in the South, because it thrives in warm climates.

And now, it’s available not only as a landscaping plant but also increasingly as a tiny potted houseplant.

“One or two seeds is enough to kill a dog, or even a child,” says Dr. Tina Wismer, medical director of the Animal Poison Control Center.

According to the ASPCA, 1,400 dogs have been poisoned by the plant over the past decade, and 34 have died. Sadly, retailers are not required to post “toxic when consumed” warning labels on the plants.

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Taylor Smith of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, whose Bulldog died of suspected poisoning, and whose other dog suffered seizures after chewing on a Sago palm, has this important advice: “Remove the plants. Take them out of your yard, out of your house. They are not worth it.”

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