This Photo of a Girl at an Animal Shelter Will Shatter Your Heart

Her father forced her to give up her puppies, and now she visits them regularly, desperately missing them and hoping they’ll find another home soon.

By: John Hwang
The girl regularly visits her puppies, whom her father called too “destructive” to keep. By: John Hwang

The bond between children and their pets cannot be better explained than with this photograph.

Photographer John Hwang caught this snapshot of a young girl at Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Los Angeles visiting Miya, one of 2 puppies she had recently been forced to give up.

Along with the photograph, Hwang wrote this touching message:

“It was quiet at the shelter today. The rain kept most people away. Except for one young girl. She knelt for a long time, heartbroken in front of a particular kennel. It held her beloved dog, a gentle 6-month-old German Shepherd [mix]. The girl raised her since she was a little puppy. Sadly, her father wouldn’t allow her to keep the dog anymore, so she was left at the shelter. The sorrowful young girl visits her often to comfort her. And hoping she will find a good home where she will never be abandoned again.”

Miya and Lyka
Miya and Lyka.

Miya and her sibling, Lyka, were brought to the shelter by the girl’s father, who claimed the 6-month-old puppies were too destructive to deal with.

“Our best guess is that [the girl’s father] didn’t pay [the dogs] much attention,” the shelter said in an online posting.

After socializing with the pair of puppies a bit, shelter staff found them to be smart, eager to please and in need of a family who is ready to shower them with love.

According to Cheryl Hanna, writing for the Examiner, “The sorrowful young girl visits [the shelter to see the dogs] often. Tragically, this traumatic loss will forever be etched in sadness for a child so young and compassionate…. Surely it will give this young girl comfort if Miya finds a safe and loving home.”

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and feel one of these dogs would be great for you — or if you just want to follow the latest updates — click over to United Hope for Animals.

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