Ryan Gosling: Not Acting When It Comes to Animal Heroism

He saved a little dog who had run out into the middle of a busy road.

Ryan Gosling isn’t kidding when he talks about animal welfare. The actor made the news recently for his quick rescue of a dog who had run into a busy road.

Gosling and girlfriend Eva Mendes were on a romantic getaway in Palm Springs. While on his way to grab some takeout, Gosling noticed someone frantically chasing after a dog.

So he did the hero thing — stopping the car and retrieving the dog for the pup’s relieved human.

Gosling isn’t just about those in-the-moment saves, though. He has been a strong supporter of animal welfare for years:

And when it comes to his own pet? No thousands-of-dollars pedigree here. Gosling rescued his dog, George, from an L.A. animal shelter.

I’m going to echo the words of Huffington Post news editor Hilary Hanson here: “Hey Ryan Gosling, this whole ‘being an amazing person’ thing is frankly just getting old!”

So here’s to our new hero, who uses his influence as a celebrity to not only promote animal welfare, but also act as a great role model.

Sources: ET, Huffington Post

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