“The Running of the Chihuahuas” Is as Glorious as You Think

Here are some of our favorite photos from the event.

Video stills via Filmscape Productions, except as noted.
Hola, señor. Video stills via Filmscape Productions, except as noted.

Forget about the running of the bulls in Spain. THIS is the running event of the season: The Running of the Chihuahuas.

The 4th annual event, held on the Cinco de Mayo holiday at the restaurant Cocina 214 in Winter Park, Florida, raised $2,000 for local animal welfare charities.


The festivities included a block party for canines and humans, a dog costume contest, a Chihuahua photo booth — and, of course, the signature event, dozens of little paws racing across an artificial-grass track, 5 or 6 dogs at a time.


Of the 104 Chihuahuas who participated, a bug-eyed pooch named Chloe took the win for the second consecutive year.

This photo courtesy Cocina 214
This photo courtesy Cocina 214/Uproar PR

Sources: Orlando Weekly, Uproar PR

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