This Robotic Dog Bone Toy Is the Neatest Thing Ever

Now you can feel a *little* less guilty about leaving your pet alone while you’re at work.

The GoBone is automatic and fully interactive. Also, TREATS. By: Kickstarter
The GoBone is automatic and fully interactive. Also, TREATS. Photos by: PulsePet/Kickstarter

We all have those days when we feel guilty about leaving our pets behind. What they don’t understand is that many times, we’d much rather be staying home with them.

A new toy to compensate for some of your pet’s loneliness will soon be on the market.

Designed by PulsePet and being pre-sold on Kickstarter for $129, the GoBone is aimed at keeping your dog company and providing exercise. The bone-shaped toy rolls around on any floor surface, courtesy of 2 rubber wheels.

You can operate the GoBone (and capture video) with a companion app — or just set it to work its magic on its own, during specific time frames. It’s automatic, all-day play while you’re away.

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It's an autonomous bone that works on its own.
It’s an autonomous bone that works on its own.

Dogs seem to have fun chasing it — it keeps moving each time they flip it over.  When they do catch it, they can indulge in the treats hidden within. Then, once they put it back down, the toy starts rolling again.

Although GoBone may not be an alternative for easily spooked dogs, many dogs will love the idea of having something to chase after — and maybe they’ll lose a little weight while doing so.

Source: Yahoo

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