Retired Race Horse Becomes Successful Artist, Sells Paintings

The horse, Metro Meteor, quickly picked up on a new career that brings him joy: painting with his mouth.

Metro Meteor's paintings help pay for his health care.
Metro Meteor’s paintings help pay for his health care.

When Ron Krajewski and his wife got a thoroughbred champion race horse named Metro Meteor, they never dreamed he had a hidden talent.

Metro’s career had been halted by a bad knee, which also kept him from walking along the trails of his new home in Pennsylvania.

Krajewski, an artist, noticed how Metro loved to bob his head up and down. That set the wheels in motion, making Krajewski wonder how his horse would react to a paint brush being placed in his mouth.

The horse's paintings have brought in $45,000 so far.
The horse’s paintings have brought in $45,000 so far.

Krajewski’s intuition proved to be right. When the horse was presented with a paint brush and a canvas, Metro’s head-bobbing turned him into a master artist. His paintings sell at a gallery for $50 to $700, with one even bringing in $2,100 on eBay.

Half of Metro’s earnings goes toward the New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program, while the remainder helps with his knee treatment expenses.

So far, the talented horse has earned $45,000.

Here’s a quick video from NPR:


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