Cat Rejected by 5 Families Finds Her “Forever Mom”

Good can be found in all creatures. You just have to look a little deeper to find it sometimes.

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Talk about rambunctious — this feisty furball is so mischievous that finding a home turned out to be quite a task.

We’re not talking about the normal knocking-things-off-tables type of behavior. Kitty was a hurricane waiting to happen with each new day.

A photo posted by Kitty (@thekittythecat) on

A photo posted by Kitty (@thekittythecat) on

A photo posted by Kitty (@thekittythecat) on

A photo posted by Kitty (@thekittythecat) on

The “problem child” went to 5 different foster homes, but she was sent back to the shelter each time.

Then along came a “forever mom” who could look beyond Kitty’s faults and see the beauty within. “My mom knew I was just being a kid — besides who wouldn’t love this face!” says Kitty’s Instagram page.

That’s unconditional love at its best.

Source: Bored Panda

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