Puppy’s Heartbreaking Letter Highlights Domestic Violence Issues

“My owner didn’t want to leave me with all her heart but she has NO other option,” the note reads in part.

Last week, someone discovered an abandoned puppy in the bathroom of a Las Vegas airport, and a handwritten note left with the puppy is breaking hearts everywhere.

The sad note explained the 3-month-old miniature Chihuahua’s situation — his caregiver had been in an abusive relationship and felt she had no choice but to leave her pet behind because of financial woes.

The note reads: “Hi! I’m Chewy! My owner was in an abusive relationship and couldn’t afford me to get on the flight. She didn’t want to leave me with all her heart but she has NO other option. My ex-boyfriend kicked my dog when we were fighting and he has a big knot on his head. He probably needs a vet. I love Chewy sooo much — please love and take care of him.”

Chewy was placed with a local dog rescue and is reportedly doing well.

“This One Really Got to Me”

Darlene Blair, who works at Connor & Millie’s Dog Rescue, says that, according to how the note was written, Chewy’s human was desperately reaching out — though she loved him dearly and did not want to give him up, she had his best interest in mind.

“This one really got to me,” Blair says. “You could tell by the way the note was written that the woman was in dire stress.”

Blair’s advice to anyone in a similar situation: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There’s always someone else who cares.

Needed: More Pet-Friendly Domestic Violence Shelters

As Petful has reported before, the United States is in great need of additional pet-friendly shelters for people who are fleeing domestic violence. This is because up to almost half of domestic violence victims remain in abusive relationships because they are concerned about their pets.

Jennifer White-Reid, of the Urban Resource Institute in New York City, says, “They don’t want to leave their pets behind, but they have no options.”

Sources: PIX11, News 3

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