Move Over, Grumpy Cat — Your Competition Has Arrived

Another sourpuss is wowing the Internet with photos of his moody expression and his unkempt hair. H-e-e-e-r-e’s Albert!

"I'm not grumpy or angry. I'm just smarter and better looking than you." (Via Facebook)
“I’m not grumpy or angry. I’m just smarter and better-looking than you.” (Photos via Facebook)

The cat who melted our hearts with her twisted, not-so-pleasant-looking facial expression has a reason to grimace these days.

There’s a new kid (or rather, kitty) on Instagram, and the 7-year-old is quickly gaining popularity on social media. With 45,000 fans and counting, Grumpy Cat’s competition is on his way to stardom.

Albert, a Selkirk rex, has unruly grayish-colored fur and is always wearing a frown. His wild fur, which is common for his breed, won him the name Pompous Albert in remembrance of the late, great physician Albert Einstein.

Sour-faced Albert lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with Mike and Susan Singleton, who gave him a home when he failed at becoming a show cat.

"Why do people keep saying I remind them of Einstein? Must be because I'm so smart."
“Why do people keep saying I remind them of Einstein? Must be because I’m so smart.”

His unique coloring, along with his look of being totally annoyed, gained him sudden fame when the couple started posting his photos on Instagram.

According to the Singletons, Albert spends his days walking around their art studio, oblivious to becoming another famous cat.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror

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