2 Amazing Pit Bulls Offer Love, Friendship to 3 Blind Cats

Adjusting to blindness can’t be easy, but with their big brothers’ love, these cats are quickly getting accustomed to their new way of life.

Alfie, center, with kittens Willis and Bruce. Photos by: Sherry Stewart
Alfie, center, with kittens Willis and Bruce. Photos by: Sherry Stewart

The bond between 3 blind cats and a pair of pit bulls brings a warm, fuzzy feeling to the heart of their caregiver, Sherry Stewart.

Stewart, who lives in Delaware (and who volunteers at Faithful Friends Animal Society), recently became foster mom to a 7-year-old cat and 2 young kittens. Although the adult cat, Helen, was brought to the shelter separate from Bruce and Willis, all of them required surgery to remove their eyes.

While living in Stewart’s loft, the 3 feline warriors are thriving — learning how to climb stairs and enjoying the life they have been given.

Helen, the adult cat, with Frankie.
Helen, the adult cat, with Frankie.

They are shown lots of love and patience, not only by their devoted foster mom but also by Stewart’s pit bulls. Frankie and Alfie, who were rescued from a life of neglect and abuse, are more than happy to help their feline housemates with their transition to a better life.

The dogs sleep with the foster cats, groom them and guard them as they explore their world in a new way.

Source: The Dodo

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