Newest Dog on Police Force Is a Pit Bull

Kiah, a former shelter dog, has already passed her training. Now watch her put her best paw forward as she helps fight crime.

Kiah has her own Facebook page: CPPD K-9 Kiah.
Kiah has her own Facebook page: CPPD K-9 Kiah.

You know pit bulls get lots of bad press and have an undeserved reputation as being “dangerous” dogs, the whole lot of them, just by mere fact of their breed. Now we can add the Poughkeepsie (New York) Police Department to the growing list of people and organizations that just don’t buy into the negative hype.

Tossing all of the breed stereotypes aside, the department will be welcoming a 60-pound pit bull named Kiah to the force.

The newest rookie — a former shelter dog — is the only pit bull police K-9 on the East Coast, as far as Ulster County Deputy Sheriff George Carlson knows, but he believes she will be a key player.

Her new position will consist of tracking down drugs and missing people. Carlson trained Kiah and feels that a dog’s eagerness to learn and excel is of far more importance than her breed. “She’s high-energy, affectionate. I couldn’t ask for a better partner,” says her handler, Officer Justin Bruzgul.

Here’s more about Kiah from The Associated Press:

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According to Brad Croft of Universal K9, a dog training center, a shelter worker noticed something special about Kiah — and the rest, as they say, is history.

If we want pit bull–type dogs to be treated fairly, what better way than to have one working as a police dog?

Source: New York Post

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