Pit Bull, Chihuahua Are the Best of Friends

One may be 4 times larger than the other, but they’re happiest when they’re together — which is how this shelter pair arrived at their new forever home.

We choose our friends, and some lucky dogs get a chance to choose theirs, too. Sometimes the oddest friendships prove to be some of the most cherished. Such is the case with Merrill and Taco.

Merrill, a female pit bull, and Taco, a male Chihuahua, were brought to a California shelter together. Apparently, they ended up there when their human could no longer care for them.

Merrill, who is close to 3 years old, had a severe urinary tract infection requiring surgery. Little Taco, about 8 years old, has only 4 teeth, which causes his tongue to hang out constantly. He also has asthma problems.

That was then: Merrill and Taco when they arrived at the shelter. By: Rocket Dog Rescue
That was then: Merrill and Taco when they arrived at the shelter. By: Rocket Dog Rescue

After Merrill underwent surgery for her infection, shelter staff saw firsthand how dedicated to each other these dogs were. Taco stayed right by Merrill’s side as she recuperated. It was plain to see that this devoted pair should remain together upon adoption.

Luckily, they did find a home together, and Taco got the medical attention he needed.

Although he still has asthma issues, he does not let it slow him down. Having Merrill right there with him gives him the will to enjoy life. Even though his best friend is 4 times his size, Taco somehow manages to keep her pace — even if a human sometimes has to give him a lift.

Source: BarkPost

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