Pig Jumps Off Slaughterhouse Truck, Gets Rescued

Yoda the piglet squeezed through a hole in the truck and jumped onto the highway. Now he gets to live out his life in a sanctuary.

Facebook photo of Yoda

Talk about a smart pig.

Loaded onto a truck trailer in Quebec to be taken to a slaughter farm, Yoda the piglet caught a break.

According to passengers in a car traveling behind the trailer Yoda was riding in, the pig scurried out through a hole and leaped onto the highway.

The passengers called animal control officials, and soon Yoda was on his way to a new home — Wishing Well Sanctuary near Toronto.

Brenda Bronfman, who runs the sanctuary, says Yoda is faring well in his new environment. He happily accepts the attention of his newfound friends and lets out squeals of pleasure as they hold him in their laps.

Bronfman is sure this little piggy will be loved for the rest of his life.

Although Yoda had a few minor scrapes and bruises, it was a small price to pay.

Gayle Hickman

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