10 Pets Who Just Can’t Stop Smiling

Here are 10 dogs and cats who can’t wipe the silly grins off their furry mugs.

There’s a lot to be happy about in this world, and no one agrees with that statement more than our pets.

After all, they don’t have much to complain about — free food, endless cuddles, praise for doing just about anything.

Although they can sometimes seem indifferent about it all (read: sleep all day), they know they’ve got plenty to smile about in their lives.


Here are 10 pets who can’t wipe the silly grins off their furry mugs:

1. This dog who heard you were making bacon for breakfast.

By: Imgur
Photo: Imgur

2. This cat who can’t keep a straight face, but definitely knows something you don’t.

By: quijibo/Imgur
Photo: quijibo

3. This Golden Retriever who just got your joke.

By: Deidarataurus/Imgur
Photo: Deidarataurus

4. This cat who believes in the power of love. And hugs.

By: Dannyman/Flickr
Photo: dannyman

5. This puppy who saw his (cute) reflection in the window.

By: EmuGoldfish/Imgur
Photo: EmuGoldfish

6. This kitty who’s having such sweet dreams.

By: Kimba/Klooff
Photo: Kimba/Klooff

7. This pup who is beyond happy that you’re back home.

By: Gizmo/Klooff
Photo: Gizmo/Klooff

8. This cat who is pleased with the way you prepared her breakfast this morning.

By: Imgur
Photo: shawdog

9. These dogs who know 2 smiles are better than 1.

By: ifoundm3mo/Imgur
Photo: ifoundn3mo

10. This kitty who is the complete opposite of Grumpy Cat.

By: Imgur
Photo: Imgur

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