10 Pets Who Might Just Be Better at Their Jobs Than We Are

“Upload reports, fix the coffee, change the lightbulbs … I have to do everything around here!”

Making a living is ruff. It seems like we work all day and still have to do a little creative juggling at the end of the day to make it all come together.

These pets are determined to do something about it — they’ve suited up and started earning their kibble. Not only that, but they’re also killing it in the workforce.

Check out these 10 pets who might just be better at their jobs than we are at ours.

1. This dog has taken it upon himself to bring more doggos into the workforce — he’s doing a little profile checking to see who’s going to get that second interview.

2. This Bernese Mountain Dog is “manning” the desk today. I’m not sure what he’s selling, but I am ready to buy already!

3. It’s doggone tough seeing how in shape some personal trainers can be. Do you ever think I will look like that?!

By: K9sOnlyOfficial

4. This cat is so gung-ho that she’s shown up early for the board meeting. Being the first to arrive is so awkward.

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5. That look you get when the boss catches you slacking off — or worse, on Facebook. This supawvisor isn’t having it.

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6. Having a job isn’t enough. This cat knows that maintaining a professional image means wearing the proper attire to the office.

7. “Upload reports, fix the coffee, change the lightbulbs … I have to do everything around here!”

By: TacoPlz

8. That face you make when you and your partner have been working for weeks on an important presentation for the bigwigs that’s due tomorrow and someone interrupts you.

By: ioihtm

9. It’s not every day you see a human taking plumbing lessons from a pup.

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10. “Yes, I can hang your shelf, ma’am!”

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