10 Pets Who Love Snow Days More Than You Ever Did

Winter’s not over yet, folks. More snow days are likely on the way — and these pets just can’t wait for more of the white stuff.

Remember when you were a kid, and the words “snow day” were like a gift from the gods?

You’d wake up early and roll over in bed, hoping against hope that when you opened the window, you’d see just enough snow to cancel school. There was no joy like that joy.

Of course, now that we are adults, the feeling we get when we hear “snow day” is just a bit different. Or, more accurately, a lot different.

But there’s a way to reclaim that inner child’s joy when it comes to snow. No matter their age, these 10 pets love the snow — and they’re not shy about showing it. Take a look and see if you can dig up a memory or two from those better days.

1. This British shorthair looks like she’s daring someone to throw a snowball in her direction. I wouldn’t.

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2. Best thing about snow days? Doggy play dates! Good luck to their humans getting them to come inside any time soon.

3. Even little piggies love the first snowfall of the season … or maybe she’s just reacting to the cold? Either way, she looks pretty happy.

4. Everyone says you’re not supposed to eat the snow, but what do they know?

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5. Not sure what they found down there, but whatever it is, it looks intriguing.

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6. This prairie dog was caught in the act of making a snow angel. Or, errr, a snow dog?

7. The face you make when you run to your bestie’s house to see if they can come out and play.

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8. Snowball fights are all fun and games until someone takes one to the face.

9. Pretty sure these two just buried the cat in a snowbank somewhere.

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10. The face you make when your snowball goes wild and accidentally breaks a window.

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