10 Pets Who Just Can’t Handle the Cold

When it comes to winter, I’m a big baby, I admit it. But these 10 pets have me beat paws down when it comes to hating the cold.

Let’s face it, winter is cold. In fact, it’s freezing.

Now, I’m one of those people who are always cold, so in wintertime you’re not going to catch me without my fuzzy slippers and blanket. I drink hot chocolate like it’s going out of style, and I keep my heat cranking day and night.

You might say I’m one of the biggest babies about the cold you’ve ever seen. You’d be wrong.

These 10 pets have me beat paws down when it comes to hating the cold.

1. Theoretically, these 2 dogs should be OK to pop out the back door for a restroom break. Their shaggy coats should keep them warm enough, right? Nope.

2. This Doberman and her kitty sister have decided that winter days are best spent in bed. With all the covers. Sorry, human.

3. I bet you can’t guess which one of these 3 pets is a baby about being cold.

4. That moment when you realize that the life of a dog — napping on the couch, free food, no worries — comes at the cost of having to toilet outdoors.

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5. One of these 2 would prefer to be back inside by the fire … and we’re not sure exactly what the other one is doing.

6. This kitty isn’t waiting to feel the effects of the radiator. She wants the heat now. Right NOW.

7. Sometimes you’re warm enough everywhere but your feet. But, hey, can’t blame this cat — warming up your feet is the best feeling ever.

8. These 2 dogs are either trying to get warm by the fire or preparing to throw the one ring into the fires of Mordor.

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9. When you’re so cold that you voluntarily climb into the get-along shirt your mom makes you and your sibling wear.

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10. “OK. I’m ready to go outside now.”

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