10 Pets Who Are Way More Into Politics Than You Are

In honor of Dogs in Politics Day, coming up later this week, here are 10 pets who think about politics 24/7.

On Sept. 23, we celebrate what’s known as Dogs in Politics Day, or Checkers Day. This special day is based around Richard Nixon’s dog Checkers, who was remarked upon quite a bit during Nixon’s pre-presidential political career.

These pets are following in those paw prints — perhaps hoping to be the next Checkers, the next holiday or, heck, even the next president. What’s for sure is that they are way more into politics than you or I will ever be.

1. This dog already has his platform all worked out, although I’m not entirely convinced he knows how to ski. But politicians usually bend the truth anyway, right?

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2. This cat didn’t waste any time getting out to the polls to let his voice be heard, and he promises to leave a hairball in your shoe if you fail to follow his example.

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3. This poodle loves his country so much that he’s decorated himself with stars and hit the streets. (Aren’t poodles from France?)

By: City of Marietta

4. An actual former presidential pet, Bo Obama. Pretty sure he thinks all this pomp and circumstance is for him. He’s cute — I’d vote for him.

White House photo

5. This cat spends 16 hours a day napping but devotes at least 6 more keeping abreast of the ever-shifting sea of political intrigue. I give him credit; CNN usually puts me right to sleep.

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6. In politics, it’s critical to present just the right image to the public. This Bulldog has hit the nail on the head.

7. This cat isn’t shy about “subtly” indicating who might have had his vote. His book says he’s read all about the issues, and his look says that if you didn’t, you’re inferior.

8. A career in politics often means starting at the bottom and working your way up through various leadership positions. This dog is well on his way to the presidency — and yet I’ve never even been president of my local book club.

9. The face you make when you lose your election and have to watch your opponent on TV.

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10. A dog who knows just what he wants and is ready to hit the campaign trail to get it. Pretty sure if he ran in the last presidential election he would have won by a landslide.

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