9 Pets Who Take Sibling Rivalry to a Whole New Level

There’s no war quite as brutal as a war with a brother or sister, and these dogs and cats prove it.

Those of us with a brother or sister know that love/hate relationship all too well: Our siblings take our stuff, make fun of us and get us in trouble with our parents. There’s no war quite as brutal as a war with a brother or sister.

Not surprisingly, sibling rivalry happens with pets, too. And these pets? They’re not about to back down.

They’re taking their rivalry to a whole new level.

1. This cat isn’t sure who the newcomer to the house is — or if he’s even feline. But this smelly interloper is not appreciated.

By: evapro

2. Some siblings can be so bossy. Everyone deserves a turn in the pool!

By: killerbake

3. When you’ve had just about enough of your younger sister’s sassy mouth.

By: phatalbert1000

4. Trying to get rid of your baby brother, but Mom walks in and asks what you’re doing. “Uh … Playing!”

By: johnbullas

5. This cat can’t believe her sibling is about to attack her. Smackdown in 3 … 2 … 1 …

By: justbecause

6. When you’re sick of your brother getting all of Dad’s attention, it’s time to take a stand. Of course, he’s bigger than you, but hey — Dad’s right there, so you’re safe, right?

By: jakobarmstrong

7. The appropriate response when you’ve just pooped in your brother’s food dish but he’s much bigger than you.

By: TheFlyingHoward

8. That intense death-stare you give each other when things are about to get real. Who gets the last cookie?

By: NoNaMeGaMe0vEr

9. Remember when your older brother used to think it was funny to sit on you and fart? Apparently our pets find this an acceptable form of battle as well.

By: willcroftforfood

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