10 Pets Who May Be Plotting to Kill You

The next time you see this look on your pet’s face, you might want to refrain from patting them and telling them that they’re cute when they’re angry.

We do some messed up stuff to our pets. Funny outfits, weird food and taking them to the vet are all instances where our pets might get a little hot under the collar, so to speak.

It’s hard for us to take them seriously because they’re so cute … but we might want to.

Some of these pets look seriously ticked off, and I’m not sure I’d be laughing if I was on the receiving end of these death stares.

1. I’m not sure who did what to this ferret, but he does not look amused. In fact, he looks like he’s trying to decide whether to kill you now or later.

2. If I were his caregiver, I’d probably stand back when it was time to lift the glass partition. Way back. Maybe like Canada.

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3. If you shut down your laptop for the night and then notice your pet making this face at you, you may want to think about what offense you have committed. Then try really hard to make up for it.

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4. “Sarah, so help me God, if you put one more ribbon on me…”

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5. If you’ve managed to anger your dog so much that he turns into a demon, you should probably worry. I’d lock the bedroom door before going to sleep tonight.

By: ronbennetts

6. That moment when you’ve irked your cat so much that they’re now giving you the silent treatment while they plot your demise.

By: cajsa_lilliehook

7. You can almost see this Bulldog debating whether or not it’s worth the jail time.

By: pecka

8. Not only might this dog be plotting your demise, but he’s already got his weapon in hand … errr, mouth.

By: _tar0_

9. This bird has just plain snapped and is coming for you. Now.

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10. This is one pet you probably shouldn’t have ticked off — it might actually kill you.

By: furryscalyman

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