11 Pets Who Could Really Use a Summer Vacation

Now that summer is approaching, that means one thing: Your pets are ready for a getaway.

Now that June is almost here and summer is approaching, that means 1 thing: Your pets are ready for a getaway.

You’re not the only one daydreaming about tanning poolside somewhere warm and tropical. Here are 11 pets who could use a vacation just as much as you — and sooner rather than later.

1. This cat and pup duo who are standing in solidarity, protesting until their humans take them to Hawaii.

By: Kaos/Klooff

2. This cat who is thisclose to using up 1 of his 9 lives.

By: Gordo/Klooff

3. This dog who has exhausted herself all winter long in fist fights with the snow.

By: Lola/Klooff

4. This dog who transformed his outdoor coffee table into a tanning bed.

By: Lucky/Klooff

5. This cat who’s had about enough with his human’s “suggestions” to stay warm.

By: Kaos/Klooff

6. This hedgehog who can’t remember what the sun feels like.

By: Juan/Klooff

7. This hamster who’s on a mission to find one of those tiny burritos.

By: Canela/Klooff

8. This dog who has been ready for vacation his entire life.

By: Louie/Klooff

9. This ferret who is afraid he’ll never know the touch of the ocean on his little feet.

By: Mordeloncho/Klooff

10. This bird who refuses to spend another second staring at your computer screen.

By: Sanson Pochito/Klooff

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