9 Pets Who Are Heartbroken by Carrie Fisher’s Death

Here are a few 4-legged fans who just couldn't believe the news.

When iconic Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher died today, mourners included pets as well as people. Here are a few 4-legged fans who just couldn’t believe the news.

1. This basset hound who can’t understand why 2016 won’t end already.

By: jmlawler

2. This cat who has memorized all the lines from the original Star Wars movie.

By: c_r_i_s

3. This bulldog who would just as soon kiss a Wookiee.

By: brad_frost

4. This rottweiler who thought Carrie Fisher was the original princess feminist.

By: tanaise

5. This miniature poodle who, like Princess Leia, happens to like nice men.

By: jonathanharford

6. This kitty who appreciates that Fisher’s last TV appearance was on a show called 8 Out of 10 Cats.

By: Diana Marcus

7. This little gal who’s using the Force to try to bring Carrie Fisher back.

By: istolethetv

8. This smushy-faced pooch who feels soooo bad for Carrie Fisher’s beloved dog, Gary.

By: aquiggle

9. And, finally, there’s Gary himself — the beloved French bulldog Carrie Fisher leaves behind. He tweeted: “Mommy is gone. I love you.”

By: @Gary_TheDog

Rest in peace, Princess Leia.

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