10 Pets Who Are Having a Bad Hair Day

These furkids have had a worse day at the groomer’s than you’ll ever have at the salon.

Today I had to take my cat to the veterinarian.

Now, this is traumatic in and of itself, because he hates it and he usually makes me pay for it later (cue Band-Aids). Today’s visit was made worse because he needed some shaving done to remove a couple of mats.

Needless to say, this did not go over well.

Thankfully, nobody had an artery severed by an irate claw, and we were on our way with Harrison mat-free. I’m stoked to have those mats gone because that means he is going to feel so much better. But I have to admit, he looks pretty funny with a bald butt.

Turns out, Harrison is in good company. Here are 10 other pets who have had a worse day at the groomer’s than you’ll ever have at the salon.

1. This guy looks like a cross between a poodle and a lion. What even happened?

2. The look your cat gives you when she hears you snickering at her incredibly awkward new ’do. “Do you think this is funny, human? Do you?”

By: greyloch

3. When you had your heart set on looking like that celebrity, but it comes out looking nothing like the photo in the magazine.

4. This haircut is so bad that this cat is channeling the demon from The Exorcist.

By: kenwhytock

5. That face you make when your perm gets done by a “hairdresser in training.”

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6. Quick thinking saves the day for this kitty who was given a horrible hairdo — just cover it up.

By: mcbeth

7. The look on this dog’s face reminds me of my own when I got a terrible cut and I was listening to the hairdresser try to convince me that it looked great.

8. The moment you realize that your human has pulled a fast one on you with the groomer and that you’re going to be spending the next month or so pooping with your butt facing the woods at the dog park.

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9. When you ask for “a little off the sides” and they hear “’60s beehive.”

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10. Pretty sure this poor mutt lost enough hair to knit an entirely new dog.

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