Badly Beaten and Near Death, Petey Gets a Second Chance

When the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control found Petey, he was barely alive.

Given the massive injuries to the pit bull’s head (which was swollen to twice its normal size), there were 2 possible reasons for Petey’s emaciated state:

  1. He had been used as a dogfighting bait dog.
  2. Or some heartless person had unleashed extreme abuse his way.

The shelter didn’t have the means to provide the dog with the extensive medical care he so desperately needed, making his chance of survival slim.

Upon seeing Petey’s condition, Alex Tonner of Karma Rescue stepped in to help. She whisked him away from the shelter and had him hospitalized. Slowly, Petey’s wounds began healing. But emotionally, he was badly scarred, shying away from everyone — unwilling to trust their kind gestures.

The volunteers at Karma finally brought him around, “loving” him back to emotional security.

Robyn and Petey
Robyn Stern and Petey

Two and a half months after he left the shelter, Robyn Stern walked into his life. The Karma volunteer adopted Petey, giving him a taste of the good life. Stern lavishes him with all the right things — toys, attention and lots of love.

Sadly, Petey’s world has been turned upside down once again. He was recently diagnosed with cancer. Stern has set up Petey’s Cancer Fund to help with impending medical expenses. Here’s hoping that this pooch who has fought so hard to live conquers his next hurdle.

Source: PAWsitive

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