Petchup and Meowstard — Condiments Made for Pets

Because you’ve always wondered why your dog doesn’t have ketchup in his bowl, right?

"Funny name, seriously good," according to the maker of Petchup.
“Funny name, seriously good,” according to the maker of Petchup.

You put condiments on your burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. So why can’t your dog or cat do the same?

It turns out – they can.

No, seriously, there are condiments for pets. A company in Colorado named Petchup developed lines of condiments for dogs and cats.

Varieties include:


  • Petchup (beef flavor)
  • Muttstard (salmon)
  • Bark B-Q (pork)
  • Mutt-N-Aise (turkey)


  • Catchup (salmon)
  • Meowstard (turkey)

The products are sold in squeeze bottles, similar to the packaging for human condiments. Although the names sound silly, the condiments are made with human-grade ingredients and include good stuff for your pet, such as glucosamine and omega-3, -6 and -9.

Crazy as it may sound, people are actually clamoring for the stuff.

One customer, Dezree Torres, says her dog has bad allergies and refused to eat traditional dog food. She started home-cooking his food, but those meals were missing the vitamins found in dog food. She started adding Petchup to his bowl, and he thrived, she says.




If you’ve ever wanted to give your pets something savory on top of their food, the Petchup line might fit the bill. You can find a few of the products here on Amazon (affiliate link).

One word of warning: These products are refrigerated after opening, and the bottles are shaped like human condiment bottles. Imagine reaching for the ketchup and accidentally putting salmon-flavored cat condiment on your burger!

Source: Nerdist

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