Pit Bull’s New Besties: Cute Chicks

Much to her human’s delight, Penny and her feathered siblings have adapted well to sharing a home filled with love.

By: roofusandkilo
Penny is “the sweetest baby ever,” says Candice Miller. By: roofusandkilo

Penny the pit bull was smitten when some feathered newcomers were brought into her home.

After being the “baby” of the family for so long, Penny was ready to be a big sister. She seems to be enjoying every moment of her new role.

Penny was rescued as a puppy by Candice Miller, who removed her from a home where she nearly died. “She was so weak and I was very afraid I’d lose her,” recalls Miller.

And now? “She’s the sweetest baby ever,” says Miller.

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Source: The Dodo

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