You’ll Love This New Employee Benefit: 1 Week’s Pawternity Leave

We need this job perk at more companies!

Kiyomi was rescued from a puppy mill; she hugs her new caregiver a day after she was adopted. By: _tar0_

A Scottish brewery with numerous locations around the world recently announced the opening of yet another business. Adding to the excitement of the Columbus, Ohio, location opening, BrewDog also gave its employees some howling good news: “Pawternity leave” will be debuting in its many facilities.

Employees who have a puppy or a rescue dog can now take 1 week of paid leave, allowing them to settle into life with their new furry family members.

“Having a new arrival — whether a mewling pup or unsettled rescue dog — can be stressful for human and hound both,” the company said in a blog post, adding that caring for a dog is “the greatest relationship a person can have (children excepted).”

“This brand-new, pooch-based perk will be available to all BrewDog crewmembers across the globe, including those joining our ship Stateside as part of BrewDog Columbus,” the blog post announced.

BrewDog’s “pawternity leave” is clearly a publicity stunt — but, hey, why not? Here at Petful, we’re all in favor of having some time off work to bond with pets.

Do you agree with us that this should become a job perk at companies everywhere?

Source: The Independent

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