These Tiny Papier Mâché Pets Make a Bold Statement

And so does the price tag.

Bull terrier, 35cm x 35 cm. Photos by: Alma Haser

If you’re like me, you enjoy little mementos of your pets. Now you can have a realistic-looking sculpture to treasure for years to come.

Alma Haser, a Germany-based artist and photographer, combined both of her passions to create a distinctive style of pet portraits.

It’s called the Mâché me a Pet artwork series. Once a customer presents Haser with a snapshot of a pet, she sculpts a miniature model using papier mâché. She then takes a photo of the model against a striking two-toned color background.


The result is the incredible pet portrait that you see here. You get both the high-quality photo and the miniature by mail.

The one big downside? The price tag. You’ll have to shell out around $750. Woof.

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Source: Dog Milk

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