Mom Is Shocked When They Tell Her Why She Shouldn’t Rescue THIS Cat

They said this 1-eyed runt was just going to be euthanized. Thank goodness the woman wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Dixie was the family's perfect choice.
Dixie was the family’s perfect choice.

Though she was urged not to take home a tiny kitten who had only 1 eye, a woman from Ohio followed her heart.

Andrea (no last name given) tells the Animal Rescue Site that 4 years ago she had moved into an apartment with her young daughter and was going through a rough time. She decided that a pet was in order. After seeing an ad that read, “15 kittens, please help!” she drove to the location, taking with her a brand-new cat carrier.

Seeing the 15 kittens together made choosing just 1 very difficult, Andrea says. However, her heart melted when she spotted the tiniest kitten in the bunch, an orange tabby who happened to have only 1 eye.

When Andrea showed an interest in that kitten, she was told, “Oh, you don’t want that sickly one. She is the runt of the litter. Nobody wants a 1-eyed cat. We’re just going to put her to sleep.”

In that instant, Andrea’s mind was set — this precious kitty had just found herself a good home.

Dixie immediately adjusted to her new home. When Andrea’s daughter insisted on dressing her in baby-doll clothes, the loving kitten went right along with it.

According to Andrea, Dixie has been a patient and loving family member. It’s hard to say who saved who that day 4 years ago — Andrea’s just glad they found each other.

Source: Lift Bump

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