An Old Dog’s Last Day, as Told From Her Perspective

“Don’t be sad,” declares one of the captions in this touching slideshow. “There were many kisses.”

Losing a pet is never easy. Comfort to loved ones comes in all forms. For Lena’s humans, that comfort came in sharing the German Shepherd’s last day alive — as she saw it.

The events of Lena’s final 24 hours were chronicled in a moving slideshow on Imgur that described the day from her perspective.


Memories of her good life were abundant as Lena stood looking out the door — waiting for her friends and family to pay one last visit. She had made quite a few friends in her life.


Of course, she saw her Granny, who had always been there for her.


Lena sat in her favorite spot for a spell — nothing was better than relaxing on her mom’s lap. That, in itself, was a piece of heaven.


Then there was the last trip to the park. Bittersweet, for sure, but perhaps that was the happiest part of her day.



Lena will be greatly missed by her family and friends, but never forgotten.


You can view the entire slideshow here: We Lost Our German Shepherd Yesterday…

Source: The Holidog Times

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