Introducing Nelly: Master Dog of the Balancing Act

What began as a “sit” and “stay” exercise transformed into a balancing act that keeps this dog’s Instagram followers intrigued.

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Quite by accident, Terry Peters discovered his Golden Retriever’s hidden talent. Nelly’s amazing balancing acts are now a huge Instagram success as her followers look forward to viewing her next challenge.

Over a year ago, as Peters was recuperating from surgery at his home in Pennsylvania, he began Nelly’s Instagram account as a means of “unwinding.” Each day would see Nelly balancing yet another object on her steady sniffer.

Nelly seems at ease, no matter what she is balancing — a stack of Pringles, a light bulb, a coconut — you name it, she can balance it.

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Deciding what object will be next must be almost as challenging as actually balancing it, which creates a fun time for Nelly and her human companion.

A photo posted by Nelly (@nellysnose) on

Source: Daily Mail

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