Busted! 10 Pets Who Were Caught Right in the Act

They’ve been totally busted doing exactly what they know they’re not supposed to be doing.

You know that feeling you get when someone walks in unexpectedly and catches you doing something you’re not supposed to? Like stealing your sister’s favorite shirt, putting the milk back in the fridge with one sip left and eating chips while you’re “dieting” (that last one happens to me far more than is probably normal).

These 10 pets can relate. They’ve been totally busted doing exactly what they know they’re not supposed to be doing.

After looking at these photos, I feel a lot better about my chip fetish.

1. This Boxer isn’t supposed to be on the couch. But he not only got up, he also made himself cozy with a pillow and a blanket — go big or go home, right? He’s not even sorry.

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2. When the food happens to get itself knocked over, what’s a cat to do? He can’t let it go to waste!

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3. It’s not clear that this Husky really understands the function of a toilet.

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4. This cat’s face is priceless when she’s busted shredding toilet paper. Pretty sure I’ve had that exact same look on my face more than a few times.

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5. Not only is this dog busted, but he’s also looking like the top contender for the walk of shame. Wild night?

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6. Rats are exceptionally clever animals. But they’re not clever enough to evade the “caught on camera” moment after being busted eating food that’s not theirs.

7. Nothing like having a partner in crime when doing something you’re not supposed to be doing. And if you’re lucky, when you’re busted you can deflect some of the blame.

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8. This parrot is busted. I’m not sure what it was that he’s been mauling, but it’s done for now.

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9. One of these cats knows they’ve been caught. The other one has about another half-second before she realizes it as well. Ah, a half-second of TP bliss …

10. “Oh, hey … You’re home early.”

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