Study Proves It: Men Who Have Dogs Are Sexier

85% of women surveyed said dogs are the sexiest pet a guy can have.

Chick magnet. By: cynoclub
Chick magnet. By: cynoclub

Dogs bring out the best in men, and now a research study backs that up.

In what Psychology Today calls an “innovative study, researchers confirmed that women are more likely to be attracted to a man if he has a dog:

  • Nearly 85 percent of women said dogs, above all others, are the sexiest pet a guy can have.
  • Guys, if you want to meet girls, don’t get a cat, reptile, bird — or especially a rabbit, which fared the worst in the poll.
  • 75 percent of women wouldn’t date someone who doesn’t like pets.

The full research will appear in the journal Anthrozoös. The survey of 1,200 single people who have pets was conducted by a team at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, working with PetSmart. Participants were questioned via a dating website.

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So, whether you want to be a hunk or are looking to find one, just remember: Pets rule!

Source: Daily Mail

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