Manny the Cat Takes Better Selfies Than You

No Selfie Stick needed. Kitty paws are working just fine.

By: yoremahm
Manny is a camera hog. By: yoremahm

Once again a cat has earned Internet fame. (Don’t act so surprised!)

A gray tabby cat named Manny, who lives in Arizona with his proud human, Yorem Ahm, has become a sensation after some of his “selfies” were posted on Instagram.

Just to be clear, Selfie Cat — as Manny is now being called — is not at all selfish when it comes to sharing camera time with his buddies. His 4 canine buddies are often included in his shots.

Manny is “probably the most intelligent, inquisitive cat we’ve ever had,” says Ahm. “Whenever I take pics of my dogs, he basically photobombs the camera and tries to take it from me.”

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

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