Man Carries Dog for 2 Days to Save His Life

After surviving a crocodile attack in Australia, Choco has been released from the hospital and is on the mend.

By: 7News
Wayne Best carried his dog like this for 2 days across a remote area. By: 7News

After a crocodile attack and a harrowing journey with his devoted human, a dog in Australia has been released from the hospital and is on the mend following surgery.

A few weeks ago, Wayne Best watched as Choco, his 3-year-old Greyhound/bull Arab mix, was plucked from the shore of a river by an enormous, 20-foot crocodile and pulled beneath the waters. Miraculously, a couple of minutes later, the resilient dog resurfaced.

“I just grabbed him out of the water and threw him up on the bank,” says Best.

Best doesn’t own a car, and the nearest community was 60 miles away. In an act of inspiring devotion, he carried his injured pet for 2 days across a remote area before hitchhiking to the nearest veterinary clinic.

The Mitchell River
The crocodile attack happened in a remote area of the Mitchell River in Australia.

“I walked a long way for him, but I would have walked a million and one miles for him if need be,” says Best.

Although the dog’s broken leg will require several months of rest to heal properly, Choco will be able to spend that time with the person who saved his life.

“He’s a very lucky dog,” says Dr. Ethan Maloney, BVSc, one of the veterinarians who treated him.

Wayne Best. By: News7
“I would have walked a million and one miles for him,” says Best. By: News7

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