One of Rescued Mama Cat’s 5 Kittens Is a Perfect “Mini-Me”

Aren’t they ridiculously cute together?

Many kids have heard the phrase “You look just like your mother/father!” But this kitten is taking family resemblance to a whole new level.

WAGS Pet Adoption takes in strays in Westminster, California. When a cat and her 5 kittens were dropped off at the local police station, WAGS got the call. The kittens were a mere 24 hours old, and Mom was recovering from their birth so WAGS called on foster mom Amy Randolph to help out.

“They told us about a stray mom who had day-old kittens that needed fostering. We were told someone dropped them off at the police department,” Randolph says.

Thankfully, the kittens — Punzie, Cupcake, Sonny, Jasmine and Brody (4 females and 1 male) — were all in good health.

But one female, Punzie, stood out from her siblings in a big way: Her calico markings are amazingly similar to her mother’s.

There’s no question these two are related, but while Mom was understandably skittish around people at first, Punzie demonstrated a curious and open personality.

The day the tiny kittens were brought home, Mom was given food almost right away. Punzie couldn’t even open her eyes yet, but she was waving her wobbly head around and trying to sniff out the source of the odor.

Punzie and her siblings spent the next few weeks with their mom in Randolph’s home, learning important lessons like how to use the litter box. When the kittens were old enough, they were put up for adoption to look for their forever families.

Source: Love Meow

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