Meet Loki, the “Vampire Kitty” Who Is Actually a Sweetheart

Look at that toothy grin! “I just want to share her sweet face with everyone,” says her human friend.

By: Loki_kitteh
Photos by: Loki_kitteh

Yet another cat sensation has landed on social media. Loki’s charm is her uncanny resemblance to a vampire. (Her teeth say it all.)

Loki was adopted 2 years ago from Chittenden County Humane Society in South Burlington, Vermont. Despite the cat’s unusual looking appearance and her nonchalant attitude, it was love at first sight for Kaet (no last name provided), who took her home.

Loki remained shy as the months went by, spending most of her time hiding under the bed. Kaet’s hopes for a “happily ever after” looked impossible.

Eventually, Loki began roaming about more freely, playing with her toys (as long as catnip was involved).

And then, one day, Kaet’s dream came true. Loki came up to her and began rubbing her head against Kaet’s back. Love and patience had finally won out.

Today, Loki and Kaet are best friends. Taking a chance on adopting a “weird-looking” kitty proved to be a good choice for Kaet. Her cat is a loving snuggle buddy.

Kaet adopted Loki 2 years ago from a shelter in Vermont.
Kaet adopted Loki 2 years ago from a shelter in Vermont.
Loki was a fearful cat for the first few months at home. But now she’s “incredibly affectionate,” says Kaet.

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