Kindergartener Finds Lizard in Salad; Now It’s Her Class’s Pet

Of course, the students gave the lizard a suitably odd name: Green Fruit Loops.

By: Mark Eastburn
From salad stowaway to classroom pet in 24 hours. By: Mark Eastburn

Riverside Elementary School in New Jersey recently added a new member to its science classes. A 3-inch anole lizard (a.k.a. Green Fruit Loops) received a warm welcome from students and their teacher, Mark Eastburn.

A kindergartener discovered the lizard at her home.

According to the child’s mother, Sally Mabon, the little reptile had been “hibernating” in a bundle of organic salad greens inside the refrigerator. The girl took the lizard to school with her the following day.

Eastburn came up with the perfect plan of keeping the lizard as a class pet. Green Fruit Loops would now have a nice warm cage in the science lab to call home.

“It’s a really fitting mascot for our science lab,” says Eastburn.

Here’s a video Eastburn made — though you’ll probably want to mute the sound:

As to how the uninvited guest made it into a customer’s home to begin with, the manager of the store where the greens were purchased was quick to remind everyone that vegetables come from farms —where there are, you know, bugs and lizards and such.

Sources: NJ News, ABC

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