These Lifelike Cat Purses Are More Terrifying Than Amusing

For the crazy cat lady who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a purse that makes her look even crazier.

More creepy than fashionable, don't you think? By: Pico
More creepy than fashionable, don’t you think? Photos by: picopoco08

I have to admit, they are eye-catching — but these Cat Bag purses and clutches aren’t for me.

The cat-shaped handbags are the creation of Pico, a Japanese artist. The realistic-looking handcrafted furballs (made of fake fur, thank goodness) have all the markings of an adorable kitty: pointy ears, perfectly shaped eyes and a fluffy tail.

Stop staring at me like that.
Stop staring at me like that.

Granted, the Cat Bag appears to be a hot seller for now, fetching as much as $700. But I would much rather shower a real cat with attention than carry this ridiculous thing around with me. How about you?

Here's a clutch version.
Here’s a clutch version.
Another kitty clutch.
Another kitty clutch. I just lost my appetite.

Sources: The Dodo, Million Pictures

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