She Left Her Dog in a Hot Car — And Now Look Who She’s Blaming

Shellie Anderson says a concerned citizen had no right to bust her window open, and that the whole ordeal “probably devastated” her dog. What do you think?

"Are you kidding me"? Shellie Anderson recalls thinking when she saw a man had "blasted" a window of her vehicle.
“Are you kidding me?” Shellie Anderson recalls thinking after a man “blasted” her car window. Video stills via: KOIN

Each year, hundreds of pets die from being left inside parked vehicles in warm weather, according to the AVMA. Statistics show that even if windows are left cracked open or the pet is left for just a short period of time, the results can be devastating.

On Monday afternoon in Molalla, Oregon, Shellie Anderson left her dog in her parked SUV while she made a quick visit to a store. The high temperature on Monday was 82 degrees, with a “RealFeel” of 88, according to AccuWeather. Anderson herself says it was “hotter than heck” that day.

She parked in partial shade, in a fire lane close to the store entrance, and left the windows cracked and the sunroof open.

Gone for 15 Minutes

She says she was gone for only 15 minutes at most. As she was leaving the store, she heard her car alarm go off. That’s when she noticed a man standing nearby with blood trickling down his arm.

She approached, and the man started screaming at her for leaving her pet alone in the heat. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?'” Anderson recalls.

Police, arriving at the scene, determined that the man had waited about 5 minutes before breaking a car window to rescue the dog — who the man said was heavily panting at the time. The man said he hadn’t noticed that the sunroof was open.

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Left alone in a parked car for 15 minutes. Video stills via: KOIN
Left alone in a parked car for 15 minutes, but the sunroof was open.

The Aftermath

Anderson says she was shocked by the entire ordeal, insisting that she would never leave her pet helpless — she says he could have popped his head out of the sunroof any time he needed.

Pointing to the shattered glass all over her car seats, now Anderson says she wants police to press charges against the man. Her dog was “probably devastated,” she tells reporters.

What do you think? Was this guy a hero, or did he go over the line?

Source: KOIN, AVMA

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